Allah Is Satan's Toy

by Red Bible Black

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Mixed and mastered by Emir
Cover art by him as well:


released June 1, 2017

Emir Merdümgiriz - Vocals, Drums
P.C. Odio - Guitars, Bass



all rights reserved


Merdumgiriz London, UK

Merdümgiriz is an artist collective. Started by Emir Toğrul and Merdümgiriz. No.1 Hated Label in The World, Politically Incorrect, Pro-Death, Limitless

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Track Name: Allah Is Satan's Toy
We have but one goal.
To re-establish the serenity of primordial oneness.
As we watch life, the only belief we have is that this is a perversion of something effortless.
All the effort of causality.

Allah is our master's toy.
These pathetic people doing our god's will.
As they create impeccable chaos,
Muslims are the idiot constructers, towards acasualty.

Satan is not about bettering yourself and continuing this great life… It's fundamental antithesis.
It is being warriors to destroy this universe, so focus your energy on it. Your vision of spirits is a lie otherwise.

All other so called "Satanist's" are Marduk's toys.
Track Name: Pedophilic Baptism
My hands so moist by the piss of the baby.
They stay alive for long as I rape them with my penis.
But when I fist them and gauge their eyes out, they stop screaming.
I can not keep going unless they scream.

The voices of all the imprisoned souls channeled through this newborn's mouth.
How they wish to dissolvee back to Satan, but they don't even know why.
Weakness threw them off guard.
So even I hate them and put my dick into the babies mouth.

And another idiot is baptised.
Track Name: Antibirth 11: Rape Your Mom
Light this mother's lye!

A womb which carried thee,
Is the court that trialled your life sentence.
A great service to the lord is
To rape that cunt that opened itself to YHWH

Tie your ritual robe with the whip,
And bring the false accuser to the Anti-Tribunal!
Candles lit for acausal spirits
Will be poured to her open wounds
My mother's pussy tastes like the first day
Rotten slave of the false god.

The only god is the god of chaos.
What prevails without effort?
What was before all was?
What is all?
How to end it?
Track Name: Dark Skinned Children Are For Burning
Sacrifice Dark Skinned Children

Supporting the most logical step towards a more swift transition into the all consuming darkness.

If everyone who weren't white understood the greatness of Aryanism, we would willingly give our lives and works to the supreme humans of thule.

Sacrificing the dark skinned shit people to the glory of Satan,
They don't know how to live in a modern society.
They put their bags onto the seats in tubes, and don't remove them when you ask them to.
They disgust me.

Coming and infiltrating western countries.
Speaking loudly in public and always horny
Either alcoholics or fucking muslims
there is no in between.
No understanding of art,
Animals have better sense to live.

This selfless thought pattern,
Should be embraced by all non-whites.
For the greater glory of the world.
It is not about you or me, it is about the bigger picture.
Track Name: Promote, Support And Glorify Hatred
Are you not creative? or are you trying extremely hard to be boring. Why are you all the fucking same?

I need danger, unpredictability and sublimation.

Fake Fucking Pathetic Safe Mediocre Faggot Metalheads

You are pussying out everything you touch, have a good timer hipster coffee shop workers.

Safe pathetic faggots.

The bedroom black metal antidepressant losers are the same, I wish cancer finds their only companions cats so they stop making horrid drum machine medicorities.

What do they have to lose anyway, they aint got no jobs or social life.

Virgin diers.

Working shit jobs to pay student loans and go to pathetic safe professional metal shows.

Venues all safe spacing over their "patreons"

Disgusting, real danger will be back!

We are the real metal underground.
Track Name: In This Beautiful Existence
There is a price to pay for everything.